Q: Are my details secure when ordering online?
A: Our site is secured using 128 BIT secured encryption. This ensures that all information you send to us via the Internet will be encrypted. If any other user intercepts the communication they will only be able to view an encrypted form. This makes it almost impossible to be intercepted by an unauthorised party, as long as your browser supports the use of encrypted data transmissions. You will know you are in a secure environment when ordering online by the appearance of a security notice when you enter a secure page (depending on browser security settings. As well, a secure icon will appear on your browser. For example, on Microsoft Internet Explorer, it is a lock icon and for Netscape, it is a key icon. A secure site can also be identified by the site’s address. For example, when you go to our online order page, you will notice that the address starts with 'https://', while pages that are not secure are void of the ‘s’ 'http://'. Digital Certificates, technically referred to as ‘Secure Sockets Layers’ (SSL), are used internationally by all major E-commerce sites. The industry standard for encryption technology, SSL, is compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape and most other browsers. 

Q: Does Espresso has a showroom or retail store?
A:  We do not have a showroom or retail store at this moment, ONLY online store. But the customer still can find us and see our product in local home decor fairs.

Q: How Big Space I need to put this dining table?
A:  You can refer to our product details on each dining table with statement of allocated space area for different dining table.

Q: Can I order offline or over the phone?
A:  If you are still uncomfortable purchasing online, that's fine! You can call our experienced Sales Team at +6012 232 0150or email to us at sales@espressowood.com. Alternatively you can fax your order, together with payment details to +603 5115 0118.

Q: Do you take Custom Orders?
A:  Due to the large quantity of furniture we produce, we do not take custom orders.  However, we do consistently upgrade our products to fine pieces.  To find a style that will complement your home, you may want to visit our online selling website www.espressowood.com for updated products. Furthermore, you also can give your feedback or comment to us. That can make we upgrade our product such as our customer want it.

Q: What is the currency of the prices shown?
A: All prices are shown in Ringgit Malaysia (RM). 

Q: What if I'm not home upon delivery?
A:  We will call you one day before the delivery to confirm back.

Q: What if I need to request a delivery day?
A:  Please leave us a remark by putting in your requested delivery day upon order.  We will call you before delivery. Otherwise, a Standard Courier Delivery Service whereby deliveries are executed during office hours (8am to 5pm Mon to Fri).  Our Standard Courier Delivery does not guarantee any specific time requests. 
Q: What if my credit card is declined?
A:  Please assist us in the ordering process by ensuring that all fields are filled in correctly (ie. allow no spaces between digits) and that you have double checked your credit card, expiry date and CVV numbers. You will be notified immediately if the transaction was successful or not.  If for some reason your credit card transaction is continuously declined online (and you have already contacted your bank to resolve the problem) you still have options to send your order to our email sales@espressowood.com and pay us by bank in to us and we will process your order.

Q: Can I make changes to my order?
A:  Changes can be made to your order but some conditions apply.  Please notify us immediately by email or direct phone call, should you wish to make any changes to your order. Once your order is en route for delivery, changes cannot be made.

Q: How do I know if you received my order?
A:  As soon as your order has been placed online, you will receive an automatic email confirmation with an order number.

Q: Are the paint finishes toxic?
A:  The paint used on our products is non-toxic and are lead free. All our paint finishes have been tested by SGS for lead and other chemicals for compliance to standard EN71 and CPSIA.

Q: Do I need Special tools or equipment?
A:  All you need is an Ellen Key (included) and a Screw driver.  All the holes are pre-drilled.


We are upgrading this page from time to time with experiences with our customers.If you have any questions that you cannot find in this page, please kindly email to us at sales@espressowood.com. Thank you.